Hammonia Bread Divider and Rounder RO2


Dough is easily fed into the RO 2’s funnel which holds up to 15 kg. Here the dough is delicately drawn in without undue pressure and without causing creases, thus saving time and effort.
The dough pieces are cut and rounded in the same chamber. A special measuring system makes a very smooth working procedure possible, thus reducing damage to the dough. The required weight is simply and precisely selected using the hand wheel. The RO2 rounding unit system uses a
rounding plate – as with a simple semi – automatic divider plate – with stepless speed selection. The rounding plate is coated with a “non stick” Teflon material for soft, cool, and strong sticking dough, in order to avoid the
dough sticking in addition to this the rounding plate can be raised after each rounding process. The rounding height is adjusted manually. The dough pieces can be separated easily from the plate as well as from the drum and are placed on the spreading belt facing downwards.



The Hammonia Bread Divider and Rounder RO3 is characterized by following features:

  • 2-pocket version
  • automatic dough divider and rounder
  • for products as if hand-made quality
  • very simple and easy one-man operation
  • proven molding principle with plate of the type of a plate grinder
  • stepless setting of weight, speed and molding pocket
  • can be combined with proofer G2, long roller and hole pricker
  • setting/control of the machine alternatively manually with hand wheels or by touch panel
  • also processes very soft, cool and stick doughs – from the soft Berlin dough to bretzel dough
  • very small footprint area due to compact design, machine on wheels
  • stainless steel design, little cleaning required




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