Hammonia DRM Bun Divider and Rounder Semi Automatic Size 3


The DRM Bun Divider and Rounder is among the most competitive divider rounder in the market. It offers the convenience of an automatic machine, yet at a considerable lower price. With a simple movement of the handle you can set rounding stroke and duration, with the power for dividing supplied by a hydraulic system.

Technical improvements mean a more accurate distribution of dough. The dividing discs with Teflon coating are made of anodized aluminium; light and easy to remove. With seven different sizes you can use the same machine for a wide variety of rolls.


The DRM Bun Divider and Rounder is characterized by following features:

  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Simplicity and ease of press button / hand lever operation
  • Teflon coated pressure plate to eliminate sticking
  • Ease of cleaning the cutting blades and pressure plate
  • No movement during operation
  • Quality of rolls, including dinner which are all evenly rounded
  • Three original red and almost unbreakable Hammonia Bun moulding plates included


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