Vito Oil


Specialized in frying oil management, VITO is the global market leader in portable  oil fltration. Their constantly growing distribution network spans over 150 countries worldwide and  the VITO  product line is used in over 35.000 kitchens on a daily basis.

VITO® oil flter system

Frying oil

In general it can be said that frying oils have diferent qualities and characteristics. Frying oil causes permanent costs, which are sometimes the highest running cost beside the staf. The average price of oil difers from country to country, the average worldwide is about 1,60 €/ltr. Frying oil does not only infuence the quality of fried dishes, but also the taste and its appearance.

There are many diferent kinds of infuences that efect the quality and therefore the TPM-values* of frying oil. The graphic above shows you that diferent kinds of food, the temperature of the fryer, water, dust and even light, all have a huge impact on the lifetime of your oil and its quality.

Your solution – the VITO product line®

The VITO  product line will help with your frying oil management. The VITO  oiltester will help you to measure the quality of your oil. So you will always change at the right time – not too early or too late. The VITO  oil flter system cleans your oil, ensures its quality and saves up to 50% of it.

Reduced oil consumption

  • Less oil changes
  • Lower cleaning effort
  • Lower storage costs
  • Up to 50% savings
  • VITO® gives you fast return of your investment
  • VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonised particles, micro particles and suspended sediments

This can double the lifetime of your frying medium

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