Eberhardt Spiral Mixer – Modell Maximat


Forward-looking spiral mixing technology for optimal baking quality. The large curved stainless steel spiral with its special square profile grants you important advantages.The natural ingredients of your dough are gently handled and get less squeezed between spiral and bowl (minimal warming of the dough). The MAXIMAT square-spiral mixing technology kneads all kinds of dough from the smallest to the largest amount optimally.
The result: Easy to process doughs of the best quality and working consistency. The Hydraulic makes it possible. The sensitivity of the OPTIMAT S for the dough comes from the TAS system hydraulic. The OPTIMAT S adjusts independently to doughs of all types and consistencies. Better Mixing Automatically! The MAXIMAT-mixing bowl has its own drive and can in the first mixing speed rotate contrary to the turning direction of the spiral. This enables quick and intensive mixing and the development of dust is considerably reduced.

SPS-Kneading Automatic
The SPS-kneading automatic with continuous temperature reading of the dough is easy to operate and controls the kneading process by time or temperature thus helping to obtain constantly optimal dough.

Exemplary Ergonomy
By the ergonomically optimized high bowl position, the dough can be taken out in a convenient way. Cleaning of bowl and spiral become much more easier. The transport bowl cover is ergonomically advantageous as it allows to watch the kneading process without problem.

MAXIMAT: Better mixing automatically with advanced technology.



The Eberhardt Spiral Mixer Maximat is characterized by following features:

  • Ergonomically optimized high bowl position
  • Easy to operate SPS-kneading automatic with continuous temperature reading
  • Gentle handling of ingredients
  • Bowl trolleys move at floor level easily on ball bearing polyamide wheels


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